Easy Ways to Make and Use Crystal Water

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Let me start by saying that I LOVE drinking crystal water! It's not complicated or mystical. You don't have to wait till the full moon or new moon to make it. It's one of the most simple things you can do to improve your health, and by health I mean physical, mental and emotional health. 

It's as easy as dropping a crystal in your glass of water and drinking it. No more effort than pouring the glass of water in the first place!

Now before I go any further I have to add some very important points. The first is that despite what some books and online crystal 'people' will tell you there are some crystals that must not be put in the water itself because they are toxic. I recently read a book by a well known crystal healer who spoke of the benefits of making crystal water but did not mention anything about this at all. To me that is a big, huge mistake. Here is a handy list that I refer to whenever I want to make a gem water with a crystal that is new to me or that I'm not so familiar with. https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/resources/toxic-crystals-stones/ 

The second point is kind of obvious but I'm going to mention it anyway. If you are putting the stones in the water (and there are many many that are safe to do this with), they need to be super clean and scrubbed!

Different ways to make crystal gem water

First the simplest is just to add a crystal or two to your glass of water or water pitcher. I have some permanently in my Berkey water filter. There are far too many crystals to list here that are beneficial to use but a few of my favourites are Amethyst for calm, Clear Quartz or Citrine for energy, Shungite for general wellbeing and Green Aventurine for health. If you go to the main page of my site and click on the tab for Crystal Properties you will see a drop down menu to give you an idea of ones to use, remembering to check the toxic list from Hibiscus Moon first.

If you'd like a more powerful gem water, then you can get a glass water container and fill with (preferably) distilled water and either put crystals in it or around it and put it in the sun, making sure it's covered with a lid of some sort. The best time for this is up until 12 noon as that's when the sun's Prana energy is at it's highest, but really anytime will do. I like to arrange the crystals like a grid around my glass jug. Once you bring it in you can keep it in the fridge for a few days and drink a small glass of it daily or use it in cooking and baking. I use it in smoothies, soups, add to my juices, morning porridge, the list is endless!

I also like to keep a crystal water bottle by my bed with whatever crystal I feel I need help from so that I can drink it in the morning. I use one of the ready bought bottles that have a receptacle in the bottom that keep the crystals separate from the water, That way I can help myself with absolutely any crystal I need. Lately I've been using Aquamarine for allergies, and before that it was Citrine and Clear Quartz for energy.

Even if you don't remember to put your crystal water out in the sun, or don't have time to check the toxic list, just putting a few crystals around your water container for a short time, but preferably for at least a few hours or overnight will greatly enhance your water and give you some of the benefits. 

The amazing thing is that the water tastes better! Don't take my word for it though, try it out yourself.

The Experiment I Did (where I amazed myself!)

One day while making some crystal water I was wondering how I could test the difference apart from taste and decided to test it out with my pendulum. I work a lot with pendulums to measure energy in healing and thought it would be good to see the difference. So I poured two glasses of water and although I knew that the crystal water was better I was amazed when I saw the massive difference in energy levels that my pendulum showed me. You can see this in the video below. 

And that's about it really. Super simple, addictive and incredibly beneficial.

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