Is It Wrong To Be Judgemental?

I was thinking this morning about the word judgement and the trait of being judgemental. In many ways this is viewed as a negative trait but it can also be positive. We judge situations and people that are not good for us, we judge food or drink on whether it is good or bad. So when does being judgemental cross the line or become harmful?

It's when we judge other people, particularly for not conforming the way we think they should. I'm not talking here about other people's actions that are obviously wrong and worthy of negative judgement, I mean just that they think differently, dress differently, make different life choices. Who are we to question? But we do!

We decide on a different career path than the one our parents mapped out for us, we decide to divorce our partner because they are not on the same page as us anymore, we look disapprovingly on our child because they decided to believe in something we disagree with or we judge others because of the health choices they make. This is not our place to make a judgement! It's never ok. Depending on how close we are to the situation we may chose to make our views known, especially if asked, but surely we all deserve to be respected and loved not because of the choices we make but in spite of the choices we make.

When a baby is born, it doesn't think about whether it deserves love and attention, it expects it as it's right. Why should this change? If we are decent human beings and not harming another then aren't we all deserving of love and respect no matter what?

In addition, who ever knows the full story? Ask yourself that next time you feel that superior judgemental feeling creep across. I feel as if I am well qualified to say this as I came from a place in my life of extreme judgement of others. I have worked hard to be much more accepting and respectful of my fellow humans. After all we are just souls in human bodies on this beautiful earth for a short time. No one has all the answers, no one can. I used to think I need to have all the answers, but now I know I don't. In fact it's rather liberating to realise that I don't, never will and really do not need to. I trust more. I go with the flow more. I let things unfold more. Most of all I've let go of so many things that not longer serve for my highest good. This is not a selfish thing to do, but rather it has made me a more authentic person, and I believe a better, wife, mother, daughter in law and sister. 

So, you may be wondering what all this has to do with crystals!! My goal with this website and blog is to spread the word about how crystals and energy healing in general whether it's with crystals, reiki, shamanism, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, the list goes on...can help us in our everyday lives, to become better and more valuable versions of ourselves. To empower us to make a difference in other peoples lives, to pay it forward. Only in gentle ways though, never forcefully or in a pushy way. Remember no judgement if someone doesn't want to hear about the latest incredible healing modality that you've learned about or experienced. The one that will save the world! The key word and antidote to judgement is RESPECT!

So. Crystals. Really? Crystals and being judgemental? Isn't that stretching it a bit to think that a stone can actually improve our personality and interaction with others? 

Crystals all emanate different vibrational frequencies depending on their colour, crystal structure and size. People also emanate unique vibrational frequencies, and by holding onto crystals we’re able to tune into them and elevate our own vibe. These vibrational frequencies can shift energetic blockages, allowing for energy to flow freely so that we are not held back by them.

So how do we choose? Often it is the crystal that we are most drawn to, the one we just 'have' to take home with us, that is the one we most need. The converse can be true too though. If we find we are repelled or dislike a particular crystal it can be that it is needed to help us with something we have been trying to ignore, whether it's a personality trait or some healing or a situation that we are avoiding.

Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite are wonderful stones for universal and unconditional love. They can purify and open the heart at all levels. They encourage emotional healing, acceptance, trust, worth and love. 

Rhodonite crystals stimulate acceptance and balance emotions. It is also a stone of compassion, which is another antidote to being judgemental.

Morganite is a great crystal to wear when you are dealing with emotional issues and will help you to come to terms with pain from past experiences. It can be used to help you release and heal from hurt, grief, feelings of betrayal or heartache. 

Blue Agates are often used as healing stones for the throat chakra. You can wear or carry blue agate when you need patience or when you need to be more compassionate and less judgemental of a situation or person. Particularly effective is Blue Lace Agate as it possesses one of the more powerful vibrations that help deal with emotions due to the failure to let go of old emotions that are no longer serving us or for our highest good. It teaches us patience, kindness, tolerance and wisdom.

Moss Agate helps us to be patient and tolerant when dealing with other. It is also a wonderful stone of compassion.

Aventurine, Mookaite, Emerald and Dumortierite are all stones that promote patience and tolerance. The latter is also a stone of tranquility and empathy.

Speaking of letting go one of the best and most powerful stones for that is Obsidian. It really helps with self-judgement which is as damaging as negatively judging others. It is also something that we all suffer with to certain degrees. It helps us let go of emotions that hold us back from happiness and freedom.

Chrysocolla also aids compassionate understanding of the other person’s viewpoint. This allows us to communicate from a heart level, rather than from our head. It helps us know when it’s the right time to speak. Most importantly, it teaches us when listening is the best course of action.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you agree? Have you used any of these stones yourself?

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