Mini Pocket Malas - Worry Beads

These compact and lightweight pocket malas contain 27 natural and pure crystal gemstone beads, which is a quarter of the traditional bead count of 108 found on full-size malas.

Based on a traditional mala design, these are suitable for both men and women and ideal for keeping with you all day long in a pocket or purse or on your bedside table for a few moments of quiet mindfulness and meditation.

An ideal anti-stress gift! Originally used as prayer beads, worry beads no longer need to have religious significance but are a simple tool for calming and focusing the mind.

Worry beads have been shown to improve, relaxation, memory retrieval, problem solving, creative thinking, quality of sleep and self confidence. They may also reduce, stress and anxiety, depression, Asperger's syndrome and OCD, cravings when giving up or reducing alcohol, food or cigarettes, exam nerves, distress when facing phobias such as flying or the dentist.