Reiki & Crystal Healing

I provide this in person or as a remote distant treatment. For in-person treatments please email or call me to arrange a time. I have a beautiful healing space in my home where I offer healing therapies.

Distant healing is the practice of sending Reiki and using crystal vibrations to someone without them being present. This session allows the healer to send a full Reiki or Crystal Healing treatment with exactly the same effect as if carrying out hands-on treatment on a person.

This is ideal for those who cannot leave their homes or who cannot make a full session with me. It also means that wherever you are in the world I am able to provide this healing therapy to you.

How it works: I will call / email you to arrange a suitable time for you to receive the healing and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. You will then be instructed on what to do. The healing will be sent, plus during the session, I will pull an oracle card for you, check your chakras, balance the chakras with crystals and then perform a full Reiki session. Once the session is over I will send a report via email of the session. I record all observations on paper and write it up afterward so you have it to look back on and ask questions about if you need to. Alternatively - if you have ZOOM or face time I can often do the session live for you depending on where you are in the world!

‚ÄúThe universe is me, and I am the universe. The universe exists in me and I exist in the universe. Light exists in me and I exist in light.‚ÄĚ Dr. Mikao Usui

How does it help?

An increased sense of well-being

A deeper sense of connection with everything

Helps support a peaceful, positive, and mindful outlook life

Reduced tension, stress, and anxiety

Reduced pain

Improves your immune system

Increase in energy

Helps promote accelerated healing

Helps to balance energy within the body

Lowers blood pressure

Can provide comfort during bereavement and turmoil

If you are unsure this is for you - message me with any of questions. (Georgia -

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required. If you fail to give 24 hours' notice the fee / deposit will not be refunded. Thank you.

Contact Details

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  • Whatapp: +33 (0)633 877487