About Me

Celtic Synergy is my journey. A journey of healing and self-discovery. The name is derived from my roots which are Welsh and Irish and from the way I enjoy using the synergistic properties of the crystals when mixing them together to enhance their benefits. I put a lot of information in my listings about crystal properties so that you can learn about their healing benefits.

I love the gentle and calming practice of working with crystals and make a lot of my pieces intuitively and from what I've learned about crystal properties over the years. I'm a Certified Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Energy Healer.

The products I use to make the necklaces and bracelets are carefully sourced, many of them from artisans local to me. It brings me great happiness to support other small businesses such as silversmiths and other artisans and gives me a great excuse to travel to find more so that my designs can be truly unique.

All of my pieces are made in my studio in the SW of France. 
Wherever possible I use high quality A to 5A grade natural crystals in my designs that are ethically sourced. Many of my unique Sterling silver charms and pendants used in the jewelry are hand crafted by a local artisan silversmith.

I package & ship your items in the most environmentally respectful way possible.
Obviously, I need to get your items to you in perfect condition but I am also are aware of so much waste when it comes to packaging. My solution is instead of a box or little bag that you will probably never use again, I send your item in a beautiful cosmetics or jewelry bag that you can use again and again and that is also nice enough to use if you are buying the jewelry as a gift. No need to repackage! My pendulums are sent out in a little cloth bag so you can take it with you wherever you go and keep it safe.

Thank you for visiting my little shop. I hope you find what you are looking for and if not please message me! I LOVE doing custom orders ;)
Georgia xx

P.S. I'm also on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CelticSynergy