Metaphysical Suppliers

Whether it's a Tarot deck, candles or a spell jar there are SO many options. I've narrowed it down here to quality products and unique suppliers. After all each of our paths are different, the ways we practice unique to us so why should our supplies be too?!

As always these are top quality products only. Verified by me. Remember quality doesn't always equal price. In our world intention is so much more important.

Recommended Etsy Shops

For sage bundles -



The name Koshi in Japanese means ancient poetry and these wind chimes are like listening to poetry that touches deep into your heart and soul.


This is the most amazing and pure incense I have ever used. The Palo Santo one smells amazing but the Sacred Cleansing with Moldavite sticks are filled with an energy and serenity that have to be experienced to truly understand.