Phantom Quartz

This Phantom Crystal is a very effective aura cleanser. It dispels any negative energies that linger in your personal auric fields.

It will also remove any negative thought or emotion that’s preventing the positive flow of energies in your life. The healing energies of this crystal gives inspiration, clarity, and strength. It also provides support and insight. Amethyst Phantom Crystal will also work on increasing your spiritual development.

It will help you connect to the earth and the higher realms on a deeper level.

It will help you have a deeper understanding of the different cycles of life.

This crystal will facilitate inner growth and help you resolve past issues.

It will help you activate or enhance your healing abilities and form a stronger connection with your spirit guides.

The soothing and relaxing energies of this crystal will also help you achieve deep meditative states very quickly.

Helps overcome stagnation in your life or in your relationships.

This crystal will give you a fresh burst of inspiration that will help you live your life with zest and enthusiasm.

It will also work to unblock or remove anything that’s preventing the proper flow of your life energies.