MOHs Hardness - 6-6.5

The name Pyrite comes from the Greek word for fire (πῦρ (pyr), as striking two pieces against each other can produce sparks. It's also known as Fool's Gold. When polished it has a wonderful shine which explains why it was used by the ancient Incas as mirrors. They also used it for meditation and divination.

Pyrite is a powerful solar plexus chakra stone and gives one a tremendous boost in vitality and positivity. It is a joyful crystal. It helps to overcome bad habits, and enhances will power. It can be very helpful in balancing and harmonising polarities within the aura. For an instant boost of energy try holding a pyrite crystal in each hand and feel an instant refreshing surge and rebalancing. In crystal healing body layouts it can be used on the 3rd chakra, at the root chakra and held in each hand. This will ground ones auric field firmly in the body, which helps balance our spiritual self in our physical body.

It's also a wonderful stone for creativity, clarity and focus so is a good crystal for students. It can also help one carry things through to completion, to finish a task.

It is a wonderful stone of prosperity and abundance so is a perfect addition to a crystal grid along with citrine and green aventurine.

Pyrite is also a stone that shields and protects against all types of negative energies and vibrations, so is a good stone to wear in jewellery or to carry in a pocket.

Chakra: Solar Plexus (3rd)

Element: Fire, Earth

Other 3rd Chakra stones are: Citrine, Amber, Sulphurite, Yellow Fluorite and Yellow / Golden Calcite

PYRITE AFFIRMATION: I accomplish anything and everything that I set my mind to with my will power. I am balanced and full of life force energy.