Ruby Zoisite

When Ruby and Zoisite are naturally combined into a single stone, the root, heart, and third eye chakras are all aligned and harmonise on the same vibrational level. This special combination of stones can help in the manifesting of ideas and can offer strength and assistance in realising your dreams. Ruby Zoisite aligns the heart and third eye to produce a deepened understanding of what negativity we are carrying and how to conquer it. Ruby Zoisite is also one of the very few minerals that can transmute negative energies into positivity. Even leaving a piece in your daily environment will drastically benefit everyone in it.

Ruby is the stone of courage and strength that purges any fear or anxiety that sits within us daily. Green Zoisite’s energy produces growth and fertility in all aspects of life. Zoisite helps us to have a better understanding of ourselves and our connection to the outside world.

Ruby Zoisite is a stone for mourning and releasing pain and sorrow after the death of a loved one.

Ruby Zoisite is a wonderful meditation stone. It possesses ultimate psychic abilities for allowing inter-dimensional travel and for people who practice astral projection.