MOHs Hardness - 2

Selenite is a form of gypsum and is often confused with Satin Spar which is also a gypsum and has very similar properties. The difference with Selenite is that it is relatively clear or transparent and well formed. It can be colourless, gray, white, green or golden brown. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word for the moon and is associated with the name of the moon goddess Selene in ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

Selenite opens and activates the 3rd eye, crown and soul star chakras. It is one of the most powerful and energetic stones for this. It is very quick and effective in cleansing the auric field. It can clear stuck energies and negativity from ones etheric and physical body quickly and precisely so is highly recommended for crystal healers in working with clients. Because of it's work on the auric field it can be used to 'seal' in energy and repair any tears or holes.

It is a wonderful facilitator of angelic communication and can help one meet ones guides and guardian angels. It is an excellent choice for meditation or any spiritual work.

A wonderful way to work with Selenite is to combine it with other stones such as on a wand as an energy tool. It will amplify the energy of any other stones you are working with.

Element: Air

Chakras: 3rd Eye, Crown, Soul Star (8th)

Combines well with all other stones and amplifies their energy.

SELENITE AFFIRMATION: I am at one with my higher mind and my intuition is awake and alive.