Tarot & Oracle Readers

This is another area where it is SO necessary to have recommendations. We do so much online now and it's important to know who and what we are giving our energy (and money!) over to. Anyone can set themselves up as a reader but all the people I list on here have been verified by myself and I can personally attest to their abilities and accuracy. I have had a reading from them, either in person or virtually.


"Welcome to the Multiverse of the Ethereal world and our own, let’s tell a story from the echo’s that escape through many ways of tarot, pendulum, western astrology and the Akashic Records, and begin to see ourselves past these physical forms."


Natalie – Saturnish

Hi, I'm Natalie! I'm an intuitive, claircognizant shadow work and self-transformation mentor. 

Through tarot, astrology, other metaphysical tools, and, most importantly, the wisdom gained from my own personal experience in 14 years of shadow work, I help you in break through the confusion and rediscover your inner compass.

The path to true fulfillment lies in coming home to your authentic self. It is through shattering the illusions of who you think you are that you can become who you want to be.

Come work with me and let's move you ever closer to the freedom and joy you were meant to enjoy in this lifetime!

Find Natalie here: www.Saturnish.etsy.com




Zodiac Crystals Consultation
In this consultation I will tell you what crystals are specific to you, which ones will help you and support you the most and the best crystal to use yearly on your birthday in a crystal meditation.


Oracle Cards


✨Healing Not Broken
✨Continue To Grow
✨The Unseen Emotions
+ The groundings techniques guidebook
+ Reiki infused