Zodiac Crystals Consultation

Have you ever wondered what crystals resonate with your Zodiac signs? You have 3 main ones to consider, your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising sign. 

In this consultation I will tell you what crystals are specific to you, which ones will help you and support you the most and the best crystal to use yearly on your birthday in a crystal meditation. 

In this consultation you will get the following information:

Best crystal to balance your emotions
Best crystal to connect with your soul's pathway
Best crystal for all round healing
Best crystal for clear thinking
Best crystal to use in a yearly birthday ritual along with a short guided meditation

The information will be delivered in a PDF format to your email address with a link to the guided meditation. All you need to do after purchase is email me either through the website or at celticsynergy@gmail.com to tell me your Name and Star Sign(s).

Crystals for your Sun Sign $10

Crystals for your Moon Sign $10

Crystals for your Rising Sign $10

Discounted Bundle - All 3 - $25 (Please use discount code ZODIACBUNDLE at checkout to get the special price)

Custom made Zodiac Jewellery - Have a bracelet, mala necklace or mini pocket mala made especially for you combining your unique profile of the 3 zodiac signs.

Zodiac Sign Crystal Jewelry

Aries - Carnelian

Taurus - Rose Quartz

Gemini - Citrine

Cancer - Moonstone

Leo - Tiger Eye

Virgo - Sunstone 

Libra - Lapis Lazuli

Scorpio - Obsidian

Sagittarius - Sodalite

Capricorn - Malachite

Aquarius - Aquamarine

Pisces - Amethyst